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Bihar Girls Photo

Bihar is located halfway between West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh in the east to the west. It is limited by the country of Nepal in the north and south of Jharkhand. The Bihar plain is divided into two parts by the river Ganges, which flows through the middle from west to east.

Bihar Beautiful Girls Photo

Improving governance has led to an economic recovery in the state through increased investment in infrastructure, better health, greater emphasis on education and a reduction of crime and corruption.

Bihar Beautiful Girls Photo

An oil refinery in Barauni, a scooter Fattouh plant, a power plant at Muzaffarpur and an agriculture-based industries such as sugar and vegetable oil have been established in Bihar. It is also known for its famous mines of Dhanbad.

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The service sector includes real estate, mortgages and insurance. Bodh Gaya, Nalanda, Rajgir Vaishali, Bhagalpur, Sutanganj Vikramsila and are a must for Buddhist pilgrims. These are all very popular historic sights as well. Other historical sites are Pawapuri admired, Champaran and Sasaram.

The number of speakers of Bihari languages ​​are difficult to unreliable sources indicate. In the urban region most educated speakers of the language name Hindi as their language, because this is what I use in formal contexts and believe that the correct answer by the lack of awareness.

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